I Mourn!

As I parse across the basics of my English Grammar and Sentence Correction. I mourn the death of one my Mathematics teacher, who probably put a good foundation and ensured that I got some interest in numbers at least. Aunty Hema – as she was called by all my schoolmates in CFTRI, is no more and it seems passed away due to a failed heart. May her soul rest in peace.


I am MAD! Because I have not visited….

Don’t think I am accepting the truth. I am still sane enought not to accept the former part of the title of my new post.

I seldom go to serious movies. As long as we go for one, my target is to have a funfilled three to four hours and chillax. WTF! Well, I had been to namma Yogaraja Bhattara ‘Manasaare’ movie. The more I tried to have fun, it turned out to be the other way. To me the moral of the movie was that as long as you do not visit a mental re-hab center you are not sane in life! (No offence meant to any of the differently abled here, I regard them with the highest respect in my life). But yes, honestly, the movie has nothing to take back other than this ‘if you are expecting some fun’.

The movie for serious movie goer’s is a differently pictured one may be worth watching once. It has an old plot of someone joining an organization for the differently abled by mistake, but portrayed in a very different and rare fashion. Performances by Diganth and the new heroined in Sandalwood Anindita is okay. Music and songs are okay as well or may be its too much Jayanth Kaikini and Mano Murthy nowadays. My take, if you are entirely out, need no fun, just want to go to a movie go to this one. It has a message to take back, only if you want to. Otherwise, if you think like me, sit for the first half an hour or ask your neighbor to alert you only when a comic scene comes up, otherwise, hook on to your IPod.

Deepavaliya Shubhashayagalu

After having seen over a dozen news papers and over three fourth’s of my acquaintances who called up wishing me for my Diwali (Literally translates to Get Bankrupt in Kannada), I write this post with the most appropriate way of wishing someone on Deepavali :). No offence meant to anyone who wished me for Diwali, for my own good, I converted and took up the belessings/ wishes in the right sense.

The diwali has been a quiet one. There is less noise outside and its a welcome change. One of my noisiest neighbor (in terms of cracker) , who I have seen burst the worst crackers for fifteen years, seem to have shut the shop today. A welcome change! I did even read the local news papers quoting that, the cracker sales have dipped down and in fact, the denizens of my city thronged a book exhibition in the neighborhood of the town hall, rather than visiting the cracker shops!

Today also marked the celebration of bonding between a brother and a sister. Celebrated as Baghini Grihe Bhojanam, every year after Balipadyami, had a set of my uncles, their sons and co visiting our house for lunch. Have begun to like such gatherings given the amount of food that I get to have nowadays :). Two days back one of my cousins came down from B’lore and as usual we popped into Chamundi Hills. For the second consecutive time, I returned back without visiting the temple 🙂 and took a detour at Nandi to go to another temple at the foothills believed to be the sister of Chamundi godess. Man it was a nice drive, believe me :). For the rest of my entourage, believe they had a good pilgrimage.

Aah, had almost forgotten, before I signed off :). Bought a new Panasonic Viera this weekend and it feels good to have a 42″ theater at home. With no movies to go this weekend, in fact the home really improved with my presence this week. A Happy Deepavali to all of you patrons of my blog.

Have I Woken UP!

It was a pleasent break from the lousy work to go to the latest Ranbir Kapoor/ Konkana flick – Wake Up S!d. The movie, as per my rating, is just a pure entertainer and is not the greatest movie of the year as such. But the movie has made me realise quite a few things and may be will change the way I currently look at my life.

The theme of the movie circles around the life of Sid, a spoilt brat like most of us! He overcomes his non grown up attitude to realise what he wants to achieve in his life, rather a bit harshly and of course the rest is history.

The movie easily made me realise that I too have not achieved what I want and laziness has overcome the desire to succeed/ take risks. This is quite a phenomenon in we youngsters nowadays. Even I do confront talks which run against me at home, give up hardwork for pelasure. At the end of the day, this takes me nowhere as well!

At least I hope that this movie makes a mark in inspiring many people like me to believe that they can achieve what they want and not give up their dreams without forgetting that there is always a child in us… which we can never let go of!

Dedicated to my Quarterly Appraisal

This is in dedication to my quarterly appraisal starting tomorrow. I have gone so insane that I have forgotten which quarter it is for. Someone, please remind me 🙂

Appraisals Ahoy

Appraisals Ahoy


Just as I write this blog, someone may be rescued from the flood hit North Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. I offer my deepest condolences to all those who have lost their lives and all the families affected by the floods.

There was an era when the North of Karntaka hardly saw any rains! I think the pooja’s offered in the recent past have been so effective that Karnataka has been bestowed with 78% excess rainfall this year. The government has come under severe criticism for reacting late to the floods, with all its legislators in a Mutt in Mysore undergoing spiritual training. Well, if you ask me, the opposition has been no less. They have been holding Dharna’s against the government when the state is at stake. The government has responded and has been effective to a large extent. No one could have done anything when the water level was high!

All the helis were pressed into operations for help when the water level was high and rescue operations were on target, does the opposition expect our dear CM to drop down in the flood water? In fact, I do not see any opposition leader from those area’s even visiting those areas (or TV9 is not covering them ;)). Now with the water levels receeding I hope the people are rescued back to safety at the earliest.

Is Raj getting it right?

The superlong weekend was spent by me lazing on the sofa and watching the innumerable news channels Tata Sky offers. There were only two main news on these channels, one was the floods in the northern part of my state and two was the Maharastra elections.

Oops, I did not get the second one right, it was Raj Thackrey and not the elections! Little, did you observe that all the news channels have forgotten the elections, the preparations for the elections, the performance of this/ previous governments and are more concentrated on the war between two sena’s?!! The news channels are bound to confuse the common man. Now if you ask me, the already confused Indian electorate are on the verge of making these three decisions

a. Congress/ NCP has fared very badly in the performance of the current government (Shekar Gupta was very vocal on this yesterday in Left Right and Center on one of the channels)

b. There is no party other than Congress/NCP to vote for as the Senas are themselves at war! This is a masterplan to nip the budding Thackerays and sing an end to the Senas.

c. Congress seems to be nowhere in picture, so lets vote for either of the two sena’s n BJP. 😉

Well none of these options currently bother me as I am quite far away from Maharastra, but well if point c is to be noted, then its a matter of concern. If MNS is a part/ supporter of the new government then definitely non Marthis in Mumbai/ rest of Maharastra are in for trouble. Raj Thackery was not even willing to use a Hindi word, leave along English on the news channels! My thought wanes away as to is he right in publicly criticizing the non-Marathi’s coming on to Mumbai.

He is right, in one sense, but indulging in public violence to achieve the same is wrong. Political parties have written a lot about creating jobs in their respective states, imagine, if I create 10 K jobs in my city and 9K are taken away by outsiders, the citizens of my city are bound to lose and there will be definitely a disharmony amongst ourselves. The same is happening even in Bangalore as well, the IT infrastructure created by the government employes more non Kannadigas than Kannadigas and the government must do something before a Raj is born here and intervene. (The other Raj of the state was a saint and is revered by almost all of the true kannadigas)

The Shiv Sena on the other hand seems to be normalising and might have realised its too late to save Mumbai any more. Hence they have reformed and are probably accepting everyone into their fold. Probably the same may apply to other states capitals which have metamorphasised into industrial hubs and nerve centers, but it might be possible to preserve the populace and culuture in the remaining secondary cities rather than creating non sense in the already established cities.

I leave this blog hoping that the Maharastra electorate will opt for the right choice.