Deepavaliya Shubhashayagalu

After having seen over a dozen news papers and over three fourth’s of my acquaintances who called up wishing me for my Diwali (Literally translates to Get Bankrupt in Kannada), I write this post with the most appropriate way of wishing someone on Deepavali :). No offence meant to anyone who wished me for Diwali, for my own good, I converted and took up the belessings/ wishes in the right sense.

The diwali has been a quiet one. There is less noise outside and its a welcome change. One of my noisiest neighbor (in terms of cracker) , who I have seen burst the worst crackers for fifteen years, seem to have shut the shop today. A welcome change! I did even read the local news papers quoting that, the cracker sales have dipped down and in fact, the denizens of my city thronged a book exhibition in the neighborhood of the town hall, rather than visiting the cracker shops!

Today also marked the celebration of bonding between a brother and a sister. Celebrated as Baghini Grihe Bhojanam, every year after Balipadyami, had a set of my uncles, their sons and co visiting our house for lunch. Have begun to like such gatherings given the amount of food that I get to have nowadays :). Two days back one of my cousins came down from B’lore and as usual we popped into Chamundi Hills. For the second consecutive time, I returned back without visiting the temple 🙂 and took a detour at Nandi to go to another temple at the foothills believed to be the sister of Chamundi godess. Man it was a nice drive, believe me :). For the rest of my entourage, believe they had a good pilgrimage.

Aah, had almost forgotten, before I signed off :). Bought a new Panasonic Viera this weekend and it feels good to have a 42″ theater at home. With no movies to go this weekend, in fact the home really improved with my presence this week. A Happy Deepavali to all of you patrons of my blog.


About amarharish
Was working as a Consultant for Five Years. Moved on to pursue a Masters in Management at Great Lakes, Chennai. Interests include Hi Tech, Brands, Quizzing, Leadership to name a few!

One Response to Deepavaliya Shubhashayagalu

  1. Dhanraj says:

    Diw(pav)ali wishes!!

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