Anna Hazare Movement

Its been hardly over a week since Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption has paused. He has partly succeeded in getting five ‘Civilians’ on board and yes probably the friends from the neighboring state are also happy that he has got their bete noire Sharad Pawar ousted from the same panel. I probably remained one of the few who did not like or share an Anna Hazre link on facebook nor did I join any anti-corruption rallies organized by many – Yeah there were too many claimants!

I respect the new committe that has been formed, as much as any denizen of my country would do. Probably to a large extent even agree that such a movement was necessary to curb corruption. But having a body to curb corruption – will it really work. We haver Lokayukta in Karnataka, with little power, I am honestly not sure if he would be able to do justice to his role. The politicians control him or his machinery and well, the rest is history. So why have a body for corruption and why not plug corruption at the roots! Mr. Anna Hazare, you did a great thing by creating this movement, but I think it can also be used to educate people how they themselves can stop aiding corruption which to a large extent has not been done or has not been followed. Lets agree to the fact that we are living as of now, in a country where corruption starts at grassroot level and probably ends beyond the top line – yeah god believers think even god is corrupt ;).

Sadly one thing I observed in both in the virtual and real world is that there is no strength that can be defined for this movement within the heart. The same time when Anna was fasting, me and Neel were meeting a group of to-be MBA’s and well right opposite to Blue Star in Koramangala, Bangalore, – I saw a youth bribe a traffic policeman! And yes, worst come home and log in, you see the person who copied the most in the exams, like the anti-corruption movement link. – Thats the world baby!

For all the people who liked the f-b messages on Anna Hazare’s movement, for all those who shared the messages, for those who posted that they even went to Jantar Mantar (hope they just did not stop at the website and claimed to have visited virtually!) – have you NEVER paid a bribe, have you NEVER aided corruption, have you EVER stopped someone from trying to be corrupt? Will you EVER not pay a bribe henceforth and stand against corruption weather Anna Hazare stands by it or not? – I think only if someone has sanity to say Yes to all these, then they can claim to be a true anti-corruption leader. Good that the rest are changing shades, and I hope they do stand by what they have pledged and it never ended the week the movement ended.


Nothingness… and Etios!

For the past two weeks, except seeking a glimpse of my StudMats, I have not done anything great. In fact I have started reconnecting with my lost friends PERSONALLY – Yeah all you facebook addicts, PERSONALLY :). But more or less, have not achieved anything credible with the one odd month of resting period I have post MBA, before I probably head for a non-IT, Strategy role in an IT firm!

The weeks have had trips to Bangalore, BIAL, frequent visits to Chamundi Hills – one planned for tomorrow as well, and yes attended the marriage of my classmate Harish KL and met a bunch of people who I had not seen for almost a year. The best part of  the week has been my test drive of the Toyota Etios!

Me and Abhi just headed to the Palace Toyota showroom and well, boom – for that price, honestly I had not expected such a decent car. Amazing steering, amazing legroom and the bootspace that can probably hold a Cessna aircraft broken down! Except for the digital fuel guage, which needed magnifying glasses from a distance to see, I did not see much of an issue with the car. A perfect Sedan for starters. I may go for it. The only bad part I felt ’bout the car was the plastics, looked low on quality. That apart its true Toyota Class. Had read cases about Toyota in B-School and well had a 20 hour Japanese and Germal selling program as well, but today experienced the Toyota class at the wheel personally again. Cheers.

Closing these notes about nothing as I head to watch another few episodes of How I Met Your Mother! Next notes on – Is what Anna Hazare talking really practical and are his supporters really flawless?

Bee School Chronicles – Part Trois (III) – AfterLife

If you have missed the earlier parts, here are the links:

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Another Journey Ends:


The past two weeks has been a life of mixed feelings. Have seen emotions run high. An exit from another home – which had been my abode for nearly a year was tough, given the people I met over there. Three Hundred in the midst of pristine forests, beside a sprawling Bay of Bengal near an Atomic Center was a life to cherish than living in a city with over a Million who do not care who you are. But again, home is always a better place to live with Great friends and relatives looking forward for your return. My return has been decently full of activities. Had a bike rike to Bangalore, an aimless evening on Chamundi Hills with Ajay, Abhi and Abhi, A gastronomic tour of Traditional Bangalore with Narla, RP and Rakesh and of course the lovely lazy Mysore!

Catching up from where I left. Term 6 was very innovative in terms of Learning. I had hardly expected a Prof. to run in wearing a Bandana to the class. That is what exactly Mr. Ratan KK of the GutsGo fame did. He was at it again! He taught his subject with great enthusiasm. He always used to repeat, Lets Be at It… and yes he practised it hard. He was at it always. Hope to cross roads with him again.

For all reasons that Mr. Cherian would disagree, I was happy with Term 7. I probably had found someone who had the same affinity towards Lotus as me! A saffronised three hour journey on Day 1 of the International Business Strategty forced one of the most ardent communists to rethink his stance on the left and the so called centrists who have screwed up our nation since independence! The 21 hours of scintillating lectures on International Business left us dumbstruck and had a great end to Great Lakes. Closed my Term and Life at Great Lakes (academic), with a Mandarin exam. Well even after that, just to show my affinity to French than Mandarin, as a language, I had to replace III with Trois int he heading of this post :).

I had made Itchy, Patchy mentions on placements at Great Lakes. I had not had a great season and looked like that came to an end. Got a decent offer on campus and picked it up. Where when how…. Wait n See. Of course, may not be the career I wanted to be in, but good enough.

Life at Great Lakes, was starry and scarry! The batch celebrated Holi in an Unholy way, the white walls looked pink, red, blue, green, yellow, orange aaah… name a color. And the result, better untold – my purse still wonders where the money was lost. With the world cup fever on, most important matches were screened at Great Lakes and I witnessed the India vs Pakistan semi-final with a near 300 crowd in the Great Halls of Great Lakes. Slowly people started moving out of the campus and a few cried, a few supressed tears. Karthik, Shanup etc… ensured they saw every one off the campus and then bid goodbye. I took a last minute decision as well and left on the first of April 2011 seen off by my best mates with a heavy heart. Not always do you love a place, but you definitely love the pepole in the place.

We have done different things at Great Lakes, probably we have etched our first business plan out of nowhere – Waniben, Somu, Siva and Cherian would probably agree. Met one of the best mentors in the process, from NEN. Yeah B School helps you chart a path for your life if not anything else!

The nature of your stay in the B School is that it will definitely have many lose ends to the tale. (I second Mr. Robinson when he quotes this). You will have 296 different stories about Great Lakes to hear from 296 different Gladiators. Life still moves on. For me, B-School has been an experience that can never be forgotten, for the knowledge gained, for the people….. all at a home away from home.

Closing my posts on Great Lakes with a few who would probably be etched in my memories forever!

1. Binoy/ Midhu, Megha, Iman, Krish – My great Study Group (I think we used to ensure that we stay together whenever possible even after the bonds of Term 1-3 were broken)

1A: Mr. Mukherjee – for all your Guts and Glory :).

2. Karthik Rajagopal *Just Karthik is too common a name!/ Sivaraman – Happy go lucky blokes (I take this back for Siva), Siva – the actual playboy of Great Lakes

3. Sharath Narla – Well, we shared common insights!

4. Puneet Singh – Everyone were preached LIP, he practised it!

5. Narendran – The daily dose of news (real news, not gossip)

6. Mr Aadhar Verma – Cynical, but practical (hmm…..)

7. Somnath/ Waniben – The Spliced adventure!

8. Bhat’s and the Pai’s – Cool, calm and composed!

9. Shiva/ Falguni – The Anupuram Walks

10. Mestha/ Chadha/ Vidhya – For all those IMC days!

11. Jr. Cherian – Alex – If nothing but Mysore and those stunning red Chaddis!

12. Ms. TK – For writing those five additional exams over the last few days. No one cried while they left the campus, but we had caught TK crying for having to write those exams.

13. Gandhi/ Sinha/ Lakhanpal – For all useless things 🙂 – Shanky catch you online buddy! and yes for the Pine Apple – never thought that could be a name when I heard it first.

14. Mrs. Sharmas and Ms Aggarwalas – For their intellectual capabilities and the former for sheer power to even push Mr. Mukherjee off a cliff with one hand.

15. The Menons – Rajiv and Rahul – One a finance geek another a no nonsense adcommer 🙂

16. The Peers – Calm, composed Mr. Shanup, who probably even the most irritating character cannot irritate

17. The Machcha – Mr. Keerthi Ashokkumar, who claimed to be the playboy of the batch on fb, and still owes treat or a lunch to a gal from Mumbai and another from a scary place starting with Muzaffar….

18. Nerur, The Vaidyanathans, Rakesh Singh, Ratan, Rau and his team – the visiting faculty who impressed the very second they spoke.

19. The Swamis, The Srirams, The Venkat, The Bala’s, The Veeravallis: Immortalized names in the lives of Great Lakers

The list goes on, but I stop here as a great lunch is calling me down.

We graduate on the 28th, with Mr. Premji slated to come along with the daughter of NTR whose name I do not remember and is a minister now with the Union Government. For further updates on me or my batchmates, mail back or stay in touch or check this blog, probably a few years, ten years, twenty years downt he line. (Yeah, I dont believe that the world will come to an end in 2012!)

From now starts another life of anxiety and uncertainity. Business School is not an easy way to riches or career changes. Not sure if more than 10% of my class has been able to make basic changes in their professional lives, if they ever thought they would make. The relations developed at Great Lakes is definitey a future economic benefit. Great Lakes has given us the contacts, its upto us to use them. Great Lakes has definitely made us smarter, tougher – We can always think – I made it thorugh Great Lakes, I can definitely make it through this! in times of any difficulties.