Random Posts from Manamai!

For some sane reason, I am coming back on all my Social Networking Accounts viz facebook, Orkut, friendster, forums like puzo, projectw, afaqs forums, pagalguy, video sharing sites like youtube and yes of course, back tweeting!!! There was a time when I had deleted each of these accounts as I was tired of seeing someone losing their cow and trying to poke me to find if their cow could be found on my farm! I may travel in what Shashi Tharoor termed as cattle class, but definitely I am not yet rich enough to own a cattle farm and the harsh reality is that I did not like the aspect of owning a virtual farm and seeing virtual money! Such games made no sense to me!!! Of course, soon, I would like to measure all your experiences on using such games and how and why you liked it if you were one of the aficionados of the amazing Farmville by Zynga(R) on facebook. And twitter needless to say, I was one of the few who jumped into twitter and jumped out just because, at that time, I did not want others to know where I was going and what I was doing! I was loyal to orkut, but the rest of the junta ditched it! So folks, yes, I am planning to do some research on why you would use social networking, pour in your thoughts on this. After all, even blogs are social networks!

For long, I have been really famous in context switching. I have had the privilege of tagged as being someone who could move from one serious topic to a totally unnecessary and unknown topic leading nowhere! Now how can you link a walk discussing office politics on the way to Nisarga moving to Mysore or HSBC accounts in Bristol all of a sudden! Well that WAS me. Take this one, from social networking I am just moving to a totally unrelated topic – Raghu Dixit music. The course has been lighter on me for the past few days. As I still ‘TRY’ to understand the Activity Based Costing, decided to listen to Raghu Dixit’s flicks from the movie Just Maath Maathalli. His voice and music are certainly mesmerizing and can get you hooked on to the same song for hours together.

My hostel block has a new addition. A badminton court! Not that I am playing. I am trying my level best to be the audience of at least those who play. The books call me back as soon as I try to head to the courts. And when I head to the books, my Mac calls me back… Thats life… anyway because of this, I have been able to learn more about my Mac, which never seems to end.

Also, had been to Mahabalipuram today. Binoy/Imon counted that this was just the 6th or 7th time I got out of the campus minus the Karmayoga visits which will sum it up to some 16 or so. Mahabs has a new Cafe Coffee Day. Finally had the flavor of Chikmagalur Coffee after two odd months! Wow!!! 🙂

Namma Cafe Coffee Day at Mahabalipuram

Its rare that I keep changing my cell phone numbers. But Vodafone has been really bad in providing customer service in TamilNadu. In fact I was probably explaining to them what needs to be done to clear a network error over the phone yesterday! So after 20 odd days of misery with address proof, network errors, call drops I moved out of Voda to TATA DoCoMo, which seems to be working fine till now.

Light schedule for two more days before a deluge of Economic studies hit me hard! So until then, if I step out, expect more blogging.

And Thus Spoke Jeeves….

Jeeves is one of the most fascinating characters ever seen in the English literature. An authentic Wodehouse creation, Ask Jeeves, one of the books I was reading from a long long time and was able to finish recently is shrewd, straightforward and honest. Apart from treating his master with his uncanny knack of giving feedback on the face, Jeeves is known for his ability to avoid his aunts. Something that Jeeves shares in common with most of us, hates the company of his aunt :).

Now, I figured out that the name Jeeves has been used by our InCrowd (the internet populace) for all kinds of website! Kids Queries, to Web Search. In the melee, the original Jeeves seems to have been forgotten by the crowd entirely! Its sad that search engines do not recognize such works on page one! One of our visitors Mr. Ramesh Srinivasan, was also mentioning that 96% of the people who search on Google, do not go beyond the first page. If this is the case, how do you expect people to read something!