Crazy Weekend!

I still remember when a few friends called me up on Friday asking the plans for the weekend. Well, I had initiated a chain mail to go to Ram Gopal Vermas’s ‘Rann’ movie. I still do not know how many people are cursing me for not turning up! Aj for sure ditched everyone like me, so he won’t be. The rest of the pack I am sorry, I might still not be an ardent fan of Ramu kaaka to watch the innumerable movies he makes ;). Hopefully the next week either this or Just Maat Maatalli.

Back to the story, I had just got down at Mysore and was driving back home when mom announced that she wanted to seek divine intervention this week as we were finally able to find a place to stay in Kukke Subhramanya. It was a plan that was in place from the past one month, but I don’t really know whats up there nowadays, you dont find any place to stay even if your name is there on their temple register! Well I had said yes given that I wanted to drive on NH 48/ SH 88 and of course enjoy the scenary taking some snaps of the breathtaking views of the Shiradi Ghat Valley and Coorg Valley.

Both the plans were punchered and well, honestly, I appreciate that my dad stopped me from taking the car out. The roads (NH 48 – Bangalore – Mangalore and SH 88 – Bantwal – Mysore) are in a big mess at least for half their distance and may take another half year to get ready. Well, the trip was enough to get me back to my planning table of trips after six months. But before that here is a brief on the 18 hours I spend on road in the past 48 hours!

On dad’s advice I stuck to going by train to Hassan and then taking a bus to Subhramanya via Shiradi Ghat, and true, the train to Hassan itself provides some breathtaking views. I am planning to visit Sagarkatte, a place in Mysore district by car. The train almost tavels over 3-4 kms over water with breathtaking views of the KRS backwaters. Its an amazing place for photography and bliss. Next up on the list is definitely a place called Mandagere, on way to Hassan by train. This village in Mandya district probably sells the best Idly’s to eat!!! Then on, once we reached Hassan, took a KSRTC bus (I surely missed the Airavat’s here) to Shiradi Ghat checkpost called Gundiya. The beauty of the nature outside was totally in contrast with the road outside. NH 48 is in dire straits and at this point I appreciated all the people who travel to Mangalore and sorroundings over the weekend by this road for their bravery and prayed for their backs. Amidst the lush green environs, we finally reached Gundiya and then hopped on to another bus to reach Kukke Subramanya where we had finally found a room to stay with one of my dad’s contacts!

Rest, is the usual kuladevate temple visit etc… which would probably come on to my mom’s blog, if she starts one. The highlight of the evening being that I was blessed by the temple ‘Elephant’ and my mom missed taking a photo on the occasion leaving me fuming! Well the rest of the time, I spent searching for river water which was very common here and to my shock, every water body was running almost DRY! They had built several barrages/ checkdams for electricity that almost took away the nature’s beauty. I spent the rest of the evening running around and trying to watch a ‘Yakshagana’ in the outskirts of the village.

This morning, we started off back to Mysore and I wanted to try a different route! This was a part of my counter argument with dad that I could have taken the car at least in a different route – the SH 88 via Madikere and Sullia. Well he proved to be right again, this road was as hopeless as the other at least for half the journey. For the rest it was comparable to any motorway! Again, I pity anyone who is trying to go to Mangalore through any of these highways over the weekend. I still pray for your back ;). The scenary was good here, but the asphalt and the dust with the road repair works going on make it a bad dream in the heaven. By the time you reach Coorg, you may end up in a Bone Setting hospital than a Spa or a Resort in the sorroundings! Well it was an ardurous seven hour journey and now I am back home, looking forward to take the normal bus tomorrow morning to Bangalore. Hope my dad will be happy reading this as I am not taking the car there on his advice as well ;).

But after the next six months, I will definitely want to tour the Cauvery and Hemavathy backwaters in Hassan/ Mysore and Mandya districts which seriously seem underexplored to me. Given a choice, they would definitely be a weekend getaway even before that as they are not connected by both the highways I talked about!


60 Years of ‘misused’ Republic

Well, I had no other words. It was the 60th Republic Day and a few channels aired the new ‘Phir Mile Sur mera Tumhara’ apparently looking forward to increase their TRP’s.

But what struck me the most was the fact that we do not respect the people who guard us at the borders. I traveled back to Bangalore, as sleepily as  the characters in the New Mile Sur…. But was woken up by a huge commotion in the bus. Reason: Someone stomped on someone’s foot and called him a drunkard, of course the person at the receiving end not being the both!

It went to such an extent that the man had to explicitly tell that he was very much disciplined and an ex-service man and knew absolutely how to behave in public. This is when he was being abused with the most corrupt words in the Local Lingo. Well India, here is a question that we must ask ourselves. How are we behaving with the people who pledge their lives to guard us? Is this the way? Is this the respect they deserve?

By all means my answer is ‘NO’. Firstly the person was aged say about 60, and the other person was probably in his thirties. Dude first thing, respect your elders. Secondly he was plain and sincere in his response. Lastly, he had worked in the armed forces and had pledged his life for the nation. The other guy in question was probably not even patriotic by a tenth of our old man! This probably calls in for a change in our thoughts and re-look at how we treat others in the society no matter what or where they belong to.

Gowdre Daari Bidri!!!

Well the last time I had traveled on the tolled road built by Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise, promoted by Ashok Kheny and co, I had an amazing experience. There was absolutely no traffic and the road was of amazing quality. It was worth paying the toll and I reached Mysore Road from Konanakunte in a matter of minutes.

The road always had issues with our humble former Prime Minister arguing that the people who lost the land were not properly compromised by the government. Well, the other side of the story says that it was his son who approved the project and its costing! So who is to take the blame? The courts had almost closed the matter and well, all of a sudden our dear son of the soil wanted to rise again!

This time, someone was hit by an oncoming vehicle in the NICE road and succumbed to the injuries and hung ho, Mr Gowda appearently blocked the traffic on the entire road! And its still blocked even today… After the humble farmer used the B word against his highness the CM of Karnataka, he had lost all his grounds and he bounces back now that the agitation is for compensation for farmers who were underpaid, huh!!! Well my granddad had sold his land half a century ago, I need todays cost for that… So, even I am going on hunger strike from tomorrow. Who knows it may click 😉

Well, you might ask why I am posting the article which may not be of interest to me as I no longer use the NICE road often. But this Friday, Vikas and me came to Mysore by car and decided to take the NICE road and bilmey it was closed. The security sent us back telling ‘gowdru jana road myaak inno kuntaavre’. Oh! Guru… We had to take the alternative route to Mysore now as going back to Bangalore from NICE was another not so nice idea! So we took the road less traveled -> Bangalore – Kanakapura – Malavalli – Bannur – Mysore and it took us almost an hour extra! May be the Nokia maps worked all through, but still it was a bad experience.

My request to the humble farmer, Gowdre, please road melindda eddeli! We want to use that amazing infrastructure. Let the court decide if the farmers need to be compensated!

The Beginning

Its been quite long that I ventured in poetry. The last I remember was for a college magazine or a school magazine. Well one of my other resolutions for 2010 includes trying different things and here I am trying my hands at poetry for a beginning.

An amazing day to begin with it was….
but laziness was bound to have its say.

As then sun shone over my window with no pause….
I knew it was time to begin a fruitful day.

Ready in a jiffy, I traveled to work,
Only to realize I am still paid the same perk.

Down the steps, calling a rick,
which dropped me somewhere, where I could just walk down without being Sick.

Landed in a training which had no meaning,
Only to come out with the understanding that my interests in that subject is just waning.

Some more time was spent, literally doing nothing….
More or less it probably had my upper rung loathing.

Unknowingly the clock ticked six…
It was time to head back and probably hear some re-mix!

Amar’s Unofficial Hotel Ranking

After my visit to Kamat yesterday, I have almost visited every hotel in the B’gudi and surroundings and decided to rate them on the basis of my experience. Of course my rating carries only vegetarian hotels. * implies fits to the daily budget.

For Breakfast:

1. Brahmins Coffee Bar, Chamrajpete *

2. Chalukya  *

3. Vidyarthi Bhavana/ Mahalakshmi Tiffin Room, B’gudi *

4. Halli Thindi, B’gudi *

4a. Hatti Kaapi, B’gudi (amazing coffee and khaara bhaat) **

For Lunch/ Dinner:

1. Kamat Bugle Rock (Any Kamat Group) *

2. Pulyogare Point (East Anjaneya Temple Street) *

3. Woodlands, Raja Ram Mohan Roy Rd

4. Adigas Sampige

5. Nalapak, RajajiNagar/ Kadambam (J’nagar/ B’veswara Nagar) *

For Snacks:

1. Nisarga, B’gudi

2. Adyar Ananda Bhavan, Gandhi Bazaar

3. Halli Thindi/ Halli Mane

4. SLV Corner

5. Arya Bhavan

These hotels remain on my must visit list and well they are amazing hangouts for their own authentic cuisines.

Amazing Food… Amazing Price

Was in for a big surprise yesterday evening. Vikas had suggested long ago that I visit the Kamat Bugle Rock hotel in Basavanagudi, near my place to try out the  ‘Raagi Mudde Oota’. After a few more enquiries, decided to hop in to that place and check out the authentic – South Karnataka – son of the soil cuisine.

The food was amazing, the taste of the Ragi Mudde coupled with the saambar and the plain rice and saaru was amazing with the hurali happala they had served. But what baffled me was the cost. The meal was priced at 20 bucks!!!! INR 20 for an amazing meal! I could not believe that someone would serve such good or rather great food at such low cost. I think the news channels must spread such news for foodies like me rather than airing one politician abusing another.

Our former PM calls himself son of the soil and claims to have made the Ragi Mudde popular elsewhere. I presume, that he had not eaten the cool dish when he used abusive words against the Chief Minister today! So I hope, they both sit together have a mudde and just carry on with their normal work rather than allowing the news channels broadcast such stupid scenes every two minutes!

PS: I still think a Raagi Mudde themed hotel would attract many more customers in South Bangalore/ South of Bangalore. Can some hotel entrepreneur give an ear?

The Year That Was….

It’s has taken quite a while to put up my first post for the new year. You can attribute it to some activities I had owned for our company day, running between the home and the workshop to get the car back in shape and of course, excess of sleep given the chill around :).

Its been fun to read the blogs from Hari, Akhil et al with the posts on what transpired in 2009 in their lives in each of the months. Honestly I have read some hundred blogs with similar stories. Patrons, from my side, I have not much to speak of 2009.

The positives 2009 has given me are just the new friends and acquantances in UK and of course a few personal achievements, otherwise, it has been quite normal.

Being me, I take nothing from the past and just look at the future. Hence 2009 is long dead and Resting in Peace. Well have a few resolutions. Will publicize them one by one! Have partly met one of my resolutions, move out of all the Social Networking Sites, minus Linked In (which no more resembles a professional networking site to me)! So here I am, only on Orkut 🙂 until I have all the contacts required saved on my address book.

Also, I had got through to GMITE @ IIMB, well dropped out as there was no Return on Investment after the course for me, given what I want to do! So here I am and I have started off 2010 as an ‘IIMB offer Reject’, but of course just for executive education ;)!