Random Thoughts!

Most people termed my trip home this time as CRAZY! Yeah, it made no difference to me. The last two times I toured Mysore from Manamai, Chennai, it was for just 8-9 hrs. Its no different this time around. Given that I had given a miss to a few Ganesh Chaturthis and Upakarmas in the past, made it a point to be at home this year around. Not much of a difference its just eat, sleep and sleep as usual.

Have another hour, before my train chugs off from Mysore City, then on I have another train to catch from SBC to Chennai Central! So long… and a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.

And for all those, amazing friends of mine in Basavanagudi, I still miss the Bengalooru Ganesha Utsava in APS College Grounds. On the way back, I saw the ads of the 12 day festival on billboards and well, trust me, was planning to drop in there, but alas, sleep has the last say and a one and half hour time difference between two trains, will not permit me to travel from City Station to Bull Temple Road!

Why Dinosaur’s Died?

Baffling question? Here are some funny answers I found in the Natural History Museum, South Kensington, London more than a year back! Well am wondering why many items stuck in my archives are not coming in my blog!