All is not Well!

I was not expecting to write this post right after the post titled all is well! Well fate had it. I had set out to Bangalore with my parents and luckily we are all safe! Some ass on a Santro rammed at the back of my car! My poor car is in a temporary coma state at the Car Clinic, though its expected to be back up any time in another week.

Such crap is our system that I had to hire an Indica to chase the car and police control room could not offer much help without the car number! Imagine, someone hitting me hard on the back and running off! How can I note the number! We had the opportunity to way-lay him on the highway near Maddur, but ho! This crap guy almost rammed into a Volvo B7R KSRTC bus and drove in say 150, which was no match for my hired Indica! Thanks to that Indica driver, the car is in the service room, and I am back at home planning now to take a bus by evening.

Will not post the pics of my damaged car here. Hope it will be all okay by next week, but what concerns me as someone who strictly follows every driving rule is, why people try to drive powerful cars that they cannot handle! The only reason I am not going for an upgrade is that my dad cannot handle powerful cars, why do not the others just realize that and drive with some road sense???


Of Cricket and Cinemas

It was probably the first time I was witnessing a match in a stadium yesterday. Aj, me and naveen dropped into the Gangothri cricket grounds in Mysore to witness the semi final clash between Punjab and Karnataka. It was a damp squib match and I walked out in another hour or so, but within the same campus, I crossed Ganesh (Mungaru Male fame), shooting for his file ‘Eno Onthara’. Here are some snaps of both the events.

Aal is Well

There could be no other better title for the review of the best movie I have so far seen this year. Of course this would be my last movie for this year as well. All is Well, as the jingle in the movie goes, it perfectly echoes with the track of the movie. It was definitely worth watching this movie the First Day First Show, of course, missing the 3rd idiot on our list (Sorry Abhi, we could not wait for the new year for u to come to Mysore).

The movie, touches the flaws in the Indian Education System pretty well and emphasises more on the necessity of value based education and innovation more than scoring based and rank based education. The movie starts off taking a dig at parents forcing children to do what they want, rather than supporting what the children aspired to do. It traverses through the miseries of end of the list-ers and the problems they face and the ragging in college, troubled by a cranky dean who runs around with a pegion and its eggs in the hand.

Meanwhile our hero, does all his maniac tricks, irritates the pegion handed fellow and still manages to top the college, ahead of a well portayed Madrasi titled – Chatur Ramalingam. However there is a twist in the tale, our hero – Aamir is impersonating someone in the college! Waah! Out to prove how sane our education system is and how secure it is, though not explicitly stated in the movie.

The heroine, if I may mention so, has a very short screenspace, may be one of the reasons for the movie to be a big hit ;). There are funny sequences typical to any Raju Hirani film and may tickle you to laughter every few minutes. Of course, there are emotional scenes about friendship and honesty as well. All in all, its an amazing package to watch out for and has every potential to be the blockbuster of the year not just because of the story, because of the new marketing strategies, the cast, the twists in the story and plain and simple screenplay. The movie stresses on the need of innovation in education and thought and is probably a must for every self-proclaimed educationist of the country. The movie also has amazing names for its character Viru Sahastrabuddi (VIRUS) – the nutty dean played by Boman Irani, Rancho (Ranchoddas Shyamaldas* Chanchad *Corrected) – Aamir khan, <something that I cannot remember, a very creepy name like Phunsuk Wangdu> – Aamir’s real name, Chatur – the mugpot of the class. The movie carries a few negatives as well, but they can easily be forgotten. There is a pregnancy in floods scene, which must have been a passing thought from the flop – ‘Tum Mile’, which was completely un-necessary and drags on a little bit.

I hope Mr Sibal, our current HRD minister will have a look at this amazing movie and re-think of the education system, the enterance exams etc etc…. They definitely need a re-think and honestly I am not using one tenth of what I learnt in my engineering in my stream of work!

I look forward for a sequel to this movie on the lines of the bad working system in India as well :). We work without innovations and crave to be – Chatur Ramalingams. One last statement, the movie only has slight resemblence to the orginial book, ‘the 5 point someone’, there is now way that its more than 5% of that book and thats the reason its turned out to be a masterpiece unlike the other book which turned out to be disconnected as soon as bollywood called to say ‘Hello!’.

Change of Gaurd

With the news coming in that there is a change of gaurd for the BJP, almost all the news channels of which I am a frequent viewer, posted the tagline ‘End of an era!’. Well to me, its the beginning of a new era with the ushering of young blood. Come on these guys are just ten years older than Rahul Gandhi!

With Nitin Gadkari taking over as the BJP chief (God he spoke in Hindi! Hope Raj Thackarey wont make a fuss out of it!), Sushma Swaraj as the leader of the opposition in Lok Sabha, a generational change has happened in the party which advertised itself using only Vajpayee and Advani! The three have a mountanous task ahead, in probably sealing the cracks surfacing in the state units and strengthening the foundation with four years to go for the next Gen Elections.

There is much gaga over RSS being at the helm of this change. Its time people start seeing RSS as a social service organization and stop portraying it as the non political wing of the BJP! Its time to allow the groomed next gen of BJP to show what they are capable of. Of course, if they need paid spokespersons – I don’t mind sending in my profile!

Movies… Masti… Magic

You might be wrong, if you think I am endorsing any of the movie channels which have the tagline! Honestly this is what I have done for the past one week. It has been a journey which started with the world two years down the lane and ending with the world over hundred and fifty years away, in between, visiting my present world.

No, I have not invented any time machine, but have just seen three movies depicting the future and the present :). Last Saturday, I had been to 2012, a movie about the world coming to a standstill in the year mentioned. The movie impressed me with the graphics of course forgetting the rest. For all unknown reasons only Africa remained above sea level after the mass deluge of 2012 in the movie… Aaah… the directors may be contemplating with the idea of running for the US prez elections in 2012 and of course, now with case studies from my own country, they may have thought of it being easier to divide and win votes than unite and win! Anyway apart from my prophecies, the movie was a good one and was worth spending the two odd hours in the theater.

Mid-week, with a few of my colleagues and an ex-colleague, popped into the much unhyped – Rocket Singh, salesman of the year. It brought me back from the fantasies of the 2012 deluge back to earth, to figure out where really I am. The movie based around a character named Harpreet Singh, who beats all odds and proves that honesty can take you a step ahead of everyone and of course underlining the fact that your sense of achievement is glorified within yourself only if you have your own firm! Well a must see for today’s managers to show what honesty is all about and probably its well explained through the character of a simple salesman. Of course I strongly believe the movie may have got the job of a salesman back into the reckoning after a long time. May be my mom wont shout at ’em if they start banging our gate every m0rning after seeing this movie. (Note that my laziness to open the door might push my mom to do this :))

Today, well I was out of this world! 2154 AD, the Avatar movie descended me on to the planet of ‘Pandora’. An amazing display of today’s technology. The movie has no story line, if you ask me its about two aliens snogging in woods. But that does not matter. The movie revolves against the US army trying to take over a planet – Pandora for its exclusive minerals. They end up on the losing side again, with good winning over evil. The Avatar (another Sanskrit word stolen), is an amazing display of graphics and something that probably is beyond anyone’s dream. James Cameron like his earlier movies, portrays the fact that its always men over machines and humanity over insanity, but of course makes us travel light years away this time. No point in wiring about this, its a MUST WATCH for anyone and has rekindled my thoughts of the world beyond the earth!

Moral of Avatar: No point in doing case study documents. No one ever reads it! Imagine if someone had read about the Iraq/ Afghan war, I doubt if they would have tried to attack the Pandora ;).

What best the technology can do – The Avatar Movie. What worst – Well watch the movie!

Anyway all the three movies cumulatively say that reactive decisions take you towards destruction. Its better to leave things as it is or improve progressively and positively in honest means not using the rogue methods! Hope all realise!

As I look forward for the christmas release next week with the much hyped 3 Idiots *ing Amir Khan and Amar Harish 🙂 Yeah see the attached photo! , wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Do We need New States?

Well, all the televison channels have been beaming the same question. And my answer is ‘Yes’, we need new states. A lot of damage has been done after the Central Government of India, succumbed to Mr KCRs fast and went ahead annoucing their support to form a new Telangana State. The state of Andhra Pradesh has ever since fallen into a big crisis. Politicians trying to gain mileage proclaiming their own ideas and ideals and bundhs bringing life to a standstill.

I am seriously not sure, if keeping a united state on the basis of the language is going to help our nation grow. It wont. More or less, we are more divided. Hence, bifurcating a state into smaller ones at least may improvise the administration. There is lot of imbalance in governance, as in this case, Telangana being neglected for growth, North Karnataka being deprived of the clout the South enjoyed with the government (Its a different story now though). The probability that states will be better governed and developed is high with smaller states than bigger ones. I dont remember any CM touring all the districts of a state in their term to keep an eye on the projects. This may have been due to the size of the state and innumerable districts.

Smaller states will also decentralize administarations across a larger area which was otherwise governed from a centralized location, which was probably farther than the capital of a neighboring state. It may cost a lot to set up the necessary infrastucture in a new capital, but thats development and thats the way we develop a state. People in Telangana it seems have started to refer Andhra Pradesh and ‘Andhra Pardes!’. I think our politicians must be focused more on uniting people and telling that even though administrative centers would be different we are all a part of the Indian Union. So will the state really matter??

Gorkhaland, Bodoland, Vidarbha, the 3 smaller UP cults, Coorg, Saurashtra have all sought for new states. Probably seeing the pros and cons and development and the ease of administrations, the center must go ahead and create the new states. Afterall there will be good development with micro states than macro ones focussed on the larger cities.

Sleep Deprived

The past two weeks, I have been finishing up the framework for my articles of Shourya Diwas and of course on the much debated Telangana and the other new states issue. However, I have been deprived of sleep and peace of mind for over a month.

Not because I am having a troublesome life, but because of ‘The Ayyappa’ Cult. I am never against people following their culture. But why must they disturb other’s peace of mind. Where are the rule makers, police etc… when I have to bear the torture of loudspeakers blabbering “Swami Tindhakatom… Ayyappa Tindhakatom….”. Wow, I can become an Yesudas :), if I can sing that properly.

Whatever, but even as I type these words, there are around 10 different flavours of Ayyappa songs being played around my house and creating nothing more than un-synchronized noise. The devotees it seems visit as many temples as possible before converging at the final destination on January 14th, so until then its for the rest of us to bear their torture at all the local temples/ homes as well.

Ayyappa Neene Kaapadappa! I just hope Hinduism can also issue fatwas 😉 Someone could have issued one against the use of loudspeakers 🙂