Nothingness… and Etios!

For the past two weeks, except seeking a glimpse of my StudMats, I have not done anything great. In fact I have started reconnecting with my lost friends PERSONALLY – Yeah all you facebook addicts, PERSONALLY :). But more or less, have not achieved anything credible with the one odd month of resting period I have post MBA, before I probably head for a non-IT, Strategy role in an IT firm!

The weeks have had trips to Bangalore, BIAL, frequent visits to Chamundi Hills – one planned for tomorrow as well, and yes attended the marriage of my classmate Harish KL and met a bunch of people who I had not seen for almost a year. The best part of  the week has been my test drive of the Toyota Etios!

Me and Abhi just headed to the Palace Toyota showroom and well, boom – for that price, honestly I had not expected such a decent car. Amazing steering, amazing legroom and the bootspace that can probably hold a Cessna aircraft broken down! Except for the digital fuel guage, which needed magnifying glasses from a distance to see, I did not see much of an issue with the car. A perfect Sedan for starters. I may go for it. The only bad part I felt ’bout the car was the plastics, looked low on quality. That apart its true Toyota Class. Had read cases about Toyota in B-School and well had a 20 hour Japanese and Germal selling program as well, but today experienced the Toyota class at the wheel personally again. Cheers.

Closing these notes about nothing as I head to watch another few episodes of How I Met Your Mother! Next notes on – Is what Anna Hazare talking really practical and are his supporters really flawless?