On and On…

The first one week in the B School has been extremely amazing. You would probably never share a floor with the like of Narayan Murthy or Mr Lakshmi Narayan (Cognizant), within the same week. I did have the pleasure to listen to both of them within a gap of one week. Mr Murthy at the Great Lakes convocation @ Chennai Trade Center and Mr Lakshmi who descended on our campus for a guest lecture.

The way Mr Lakshmi carried himself, it really set an example to most of us as to how to carry oneself in the corporate world. The amazing story of ethics and the way he run Cognizant was surely an example that will last long in memory.

The week, after the Outward Bound learning, where I even had a sore knee as I hit a rock on the way back from a trekking, has been awesome again and well, I hope the year down the line will be the same as well. Yesterday, I witnessed the Khumbhabhishekam of a new Ganesh temple at our campus and well, having the temple in the campus, in spite of being a part-athiest gives me some sort of a spiritual oneness with something unknown. Due to technical glitches I am not able to put a pic of the temple over here, will try to sort this out soon and post back!

Of course, the week long interactions with Uncle Bala, as Bala V Balachandran, the great Management Guru from Kellog/ our own GL is called here has been scintillating. With loads of other stalwarts slated to visit Great Lakes over the coming year, I trust that its going to be an amazing year ahead.

In the midst of all this, I visited Mahabalipuram and Cheenai over the last two days. Personally, the crowd is too much… to handle… being a Mysorean I am used to calm and serene tourist spots. So, I just hope the planned Pondy trip soon will not let me down. Chennai as usual was Hot and Tiring! Had been to the much hyped – ‘Mayaajaal’ and returned back 300 bucks poorer for nothing! Again, for someone used to the Malls in Bengalooru, you cannot call Mayaajaal as  a Mall or a CinePlex!

And before I sign off, one last thing :)…. Not that I am loyal to the brand.. Wherever you have idlys be it Murugan Idly or my cafeteria or even I prepare it…. Nothing can beat the Idly at Brahmins Coffee Bar… Chamrajpet, Bengalooru.