Aare Yoouuu Readyyy???

All through the IPL, the stadiums used to reverberate with noises and the PA system announcing to the ever waiting audience – Aare youuu readdyyyy??? followed by a loud cheer! Today I decided to experience another encounter – watching the movie Ready starring Salman Khan and Asin. Wondered if I was really ready to bear such a movie on a weekend! Good Laugh, but little sense as I had seen the Kannada movie Raam starring Puneet Rajkumar which had the same storyline! My take on the movie – if you have had a bad day, just go sit in the movie and enjoy, otherwise, forget the movie, just stay home or go elsewhere and enjoy!

While I would say that watching Ready is not completely worthless, I would also like to mention that the movie has no takeaways apart from a break to the daily grind! Sallu and Asin are at their usual best. After Debaang, though much cannot be expected from this role Salman Khan, he has tried his best to make the role as lively as possible.

Paresh Rawal on the other hand, has done a decent job, but cannot stop going back to the Kananda version where Rangayana Raghu did great justice to the job. All said, still Paresh is the king of Hindi comedy after those Kader Khan days! Well if you intend to take a compelte break from your brain tomorrow, ready is a good movie to spend your money on, with you thinking of only three things – I, me and myself!!!