Pottered and Battered!

Well, this Sunday was truly a Potter evening! After the meeting with Mr. Sridhar, I headed for The Grand Sigma Mall, which is not so grand on Cunningham Road, and yes thanks to Dhana and Reshma, we had the ticket to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part I. An amazing movie, and I recall, that it is one of the two or three Harry Potter movies that actually brings back the aura of the book on the screen. Daniel Radcliffe at his best, probably mature acting with age and Emma Watson at super best!

Sad, that I could not watch the movie in 3-D, felt that some scenes like the snake – ‘Nagini’ gobbling up one of the Hogwart’s staff, would have been an amazing treat to watch in 3-D. The movie was kind of a word-to-word replica of the book unlike the other versions, and well the fight between Ron, Hermione and Harry has been really pictured very well.

Another plus for the movie is the locales, the Scottish highlands have been amazing. Recall my five day trip to that place and probably for a moment felt like going back there! The darkness is equally personified as well in the movie as Harry learns about the Deathly Hallows – the wand, the cloak and the pumice stone. Somehow, cannot wait for the last part of the series to be released and add it to my collection of modern day classics! As Harry Potter ends, now, I think I look forward to the next version of Narnia, soon.

But, all was not well, as I headed back to Manamai after meeting Thyagi and Rekha, got battered black and blue by the SETC bus run by the Tamil Nadu State Corp. Well, if that was just it, it would have been okay! Was bitten by a thousand bed bugs in the bus! I hope the transport corp. does understand that there is something called ‘customer service’ and ‘de-moth-er’. Almost took a vow not to travel in the SETC bus again, except for the reason that it drops very close by to my campus and is damn cheap.- KSRTC, I missed you today 😦

And yes, the sickness generated by the SETC travel, was nullified by the walk in the emptiness from Vengambakkam to the campus, in pitch dark conditions! Amazing… Was just left wondering – Hope I had a Wand 🙂