Anna Hazare Movement

Its been hardly over a week since Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption has paused. He has partly succeeded in getting five ‘Civilians’ on board and yes probably the friends from the neighboring state are also happy that he has got their bete noire Sharad Pawar ousted from the same panel. I probably remained one of the few who did not like or share an Anna Hazre link on facebook nor did I join any anti-corruption rallies organized by many – Yeah there were too many claimants!

I respect the new committe that has been formed, as much as any denizen of my country would do. Probably to a large extent even agree that such a movement was necessary to curb corruption. But having a body to curb corruption – will it really work. We haver Lokayukta in Karnataka, with little power, I am honestly not sure if he would be able to do justice to his role. The politicians control him or his machinery and well, the rest is history. So why have a body for corruption and why not plug corruption at the roots! Mr. Anna Hazare, you did a great thing by creating this movement, but I think it can also be used to educate people how they themselves can stop aiding corruption which to a large extent has not been done or has not been followed. Lets agree to the fact that we are living as of now, in a country where corruption starts at grassroot level and probably ends beyond the top line – yeah god believers think even god is corrupt ;).

Sadly one thing I observed in both in the virtual and real world is that there is no strength that can be defined for this movement within the heart. The same time when Anna was fasting, me and Neel were meeting a group of to-be MBA’s and well right opposite to Blue Star in Koramangala, Bangalore, – I saw a youth bribe a traffic policeman! And yes, worst come home and log in, you see the person who copied the most in the exams, like the anti-corruption movement link. – Thats the world baby!

For all the people who liked the f-b messages on Anna Hazare’s movement, for all those who shared the messages, for those who posted that they even went to Jantar Mantar (hope they just did not stop at the website and claimed to have visited virtually!) – have you NEVER paid a bribe, have you NEVER aided corruption, have you EVER stopped someone from trying to be corrupt? Will you EVER not pay a bribe henceforth and stand against corruption weather Anna Hazare stands by it or not? – I think only if someone has sanity to say Yes to all these, then they can claim to be a true anti-corruption leader. Good that the rest are changing shades, and I hope they do stand by what they have pledged and it never ended the week the movement ended.


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Was working as a Consultant for Five Years. Moved on to pursue a Masters in Management at Great Lakes, Chennai. Interests include Hi Tech, Brands, Quizzing, Leadership to name a few!

One Response to Anna Hazare Movement

  1. kukkumol says:

    This is one of the happiest days of my life because today is the day when Anna Hazare has rubbed the nose of Manmohan Singh Primeminister into the ground.He has proved that he is even more powerful than the primeminister.He has humiliated the mighty UPA government and the Congress party which had become extremely arrogant and overconfident that it was imperative that they be brought down to earth and Anna did exactly that.The Congress party which is a party of traitors,pimps,prostitutes,Dalals,sycophants and which considers the Gandhi family God was taught a lesson it will never ever forget.
    In this hour of truimph for the Indian AAM ADMI it will only be appropriate to pinpoint the sins of the Congress party since independence.Poverty,unemployment,corruption,scams,infiltration by illegal Bangladeshi and Pakistani Muslim immigrants,terrorism Indians have had to suffer it all.This is not to say that the other political parties are innocent.But since the Congress party was in power for 55 out of the 64 years since independence,it is only correct that the Congress should take the blame for all the ills plaguing India today.
    Right from the time of the traitor Chacha 420 Nehru the Congress party has been fooling and looting Indians.Nehru,Indira Gandhi,Rajiv Gandhi,Narsimha Rao,Manmohan Singh all have been responsible for the various problems affecting the Indian common man.
    However what has upset the more than 1 billion Insdians is the daily corruption which affects the common man for which the Congress party is fully responsible.
    I appeal to Anna to carry this fight even further and ensure that the fact that all these central ministers including Primeminister are made aware of the fact that they are our bloody servants and not our masters.

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