StoryBoard: TATA nano

Had a chance to see the new TATA Nano commercial today (Yeah finally back to the good old times when I used to watch The Big Fight, for some time!). It is in fact a perfect ad! Hats off to the creative agency. The advertisement starts off with a girl awaiting the arrival of something – in a small townish environment with folk music in the background.

Then you catch the glimpse of the bright yellow Nano, wading through the small by-lanes of the picturesque town, photographed by everyone. A chowkidar wishing his master, and well saying ‘Badi Hai’, still leaving the impression of possession of car being a status symbol to the growing Indian middle class – giving a master touch to the ad. Finally the ad ends with the girl putting up a anti-omen dot on the car with the whole colony watching the bright yellow bird!

While many of my colleagues here disagreed that it was a great ad, to me it was perfectly executed. It has touched the right audience. Come on – if the ad had to reach me or anyone with whom I discussed, it would have been totally different, probably as an alternate to the looting by the autowallahs of Bengalooru or as a weekend lazy drive solution on serene roads for time-pass. For a mid-sized family in a small town/ Class B cities – the target for Nano, the ad seems apt and has hit the point. For some time, I thought Tata Nano would come out with an Ad on the quality of the car etc…., but no they seem to have decided to touch the heart of their customer.

The Ad is available on Youtube – The link is

This Ad is sheer pleasure when compared to another one in which some dulha throws money at everything acting like a change machine – such a crappy idea to sell your ATM facility! While, I might not be looking for a Nano class car, I definitely enjoyed the Ad. Now its upto you to Enjoy!


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Was working as a Consultant for Five Years. Moved on to pursue a Masters in Management at Great Lakes, Chennai. Interests include Hi Tech, Brands, Quizzing, Leadership to name a few!

One Response to StoryBoard: TATA nano

  1. dhanraj says:

    a very good ad

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