Finally a Website

Thanks to Kapil, my former teammate and one the brainiest people I have met, I have got a site of my own – (Kapil runs his own firm ALC Excel, in the education sector and also runs his own domain hosting service) Nice to see my old team go places, and yeah Bonne Voyager Naveen… Let u face the same music that we did over there ;).

I bought the domain name from Rediff, but so pathetic is their service that I had to use Kapil’s servers to redirect them to my blog! I had sent quite a few requests to Rediff and well, my query on redirecting the URL without authentication was probably never understood or their technology did not allow me to do it, which probably would be one reason that I would recommend others not to go for Rediff hosting (I should have trusted the mouthshut reviews)! They would probably suggest me to shell out another 2K and buy their hosting space and move my blog there which I would not do. Will rather wait for my one year with Rediff to get over and move over entirely to Kapil’s services.

That’s the story so far! Yeah so patrons, you can now access this blog through –

Yeah and some stories in the offing over the coming weeks on me (Sounding Welsh?) blog:

– An M&A analysis of the near past or the Ben&Jerry Unilever case. Working on one of ’em.
– How attitudes change at times of crisis – Need another 2-3 weeks at least to see people reacting to situation and need to go home to pick a Freud book from my mum’s library


About amarharish
Was working as a Consultant for Five Years. Moved on to pursue a Masters in Management at Great Lakes, Chennai. Interests include Hi Tech, Brands, Quizzing, Leadership to name a few!

3 Responses to Finally a Website

  1. Resh says:


  2. VISHAL MANTRI says:

    Congrates !!! for the new website 🙂

  3. Thyagi says:

    Congrats and also good to know that Kapil owns a Firm !!

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