Managing the Impressions of a Brand

Half way through my MBA program, I rue that I cannot write much. Not that I have been lazing around, its just that I have not been spending enough time on wordpress, except when I get an IndiRank :). In Sanpshots from Hell, Peter Robinson recollects that he was lost somewhere in the midst of his MBA at Stanford not knowing what to do? Wondering was it because, Stanford is more Stats oriented and just now, I read somewhere that analysis with stats mostly leads to paralysis :). Joking. My stats based subject will start only next term, or wait, even after that, so until Dr. Seenu V Srinivasan from Stanford tries to ignite my mind with his Conjoint Analysis – Some Rest.

Am I contradicting my own statements, yes it looks like that, I started off writing that I had no time and looks like I ended exactly opposite. Huh!. That’s the way it is. Half the way you lose touch with what you speak/ what you write. Is it true??? I do not really know, must be true :). I have had some 18 hour days in the main block itself this term. The term started off with Distribution and Sales management where I was walked through quadrants after quadrants and I was lost for sometime as to which quadrant I am in. But well Prof. Murti rocked.

Have taken up very interesting courses this term, one Leadership, Influence and Power and two, Brand Management in sync with Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). Though I rue that I have not had even one single free day this term, pretty much I have enjoyed it and am continuing to enjoy it. As the term nears its end am wondering if there is a clear share of voice between the two subjects, Brand and Impression Management (some glances in Leadership Influ…). Clearly I feel ‘Yes’. Impression Management is branding yourself and Brand Management is of course Brand Management (hehe yeah it can be a person, place, product or a service). So in turn impression management is a part of Brand Management? You Agree? May be or may not be! IMC was more fun with pros from the industry coming down and sharing their experiences in advertising, Direct Marketing and PR/ Media. These are anyway going to drive the impressions of the brand.

Will not write more on the course/ curriculum, if you want to know about them, come join Great Lakes, the admissions are open for the Batch of 2012 –

As brand Great Lakes reaches new heights, I hope we Gladiators start planning for the Spartans arrival and mentor them from now itself towards becoming future managers with Global Mindset and Indian Roots.


About amarharish
Was working as a Consultant for Five Years. Moved on to pursue a Masters in Management at Great Lakes, Chennai. Interests include Hi Tech, Brands, Quizzing, Leadership to name a few!

4 Responses to Managing the Impressions of a Brand

  1. Chaddu says:

    LIP – sounds like a veryyy interesting course! 😉
    Nice ya! Compared to this I have been rather jobless this term.. only 3 subjects of which IMC is already over! 😦

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  3. Swaminathan says:

    Looks as though you sure have time on hand notwithstanding 18 hours in the main block ! Random thoughts are the beginning of analysis.

  4. Vishal Mantri says:

    good to read after so much time 🙂

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