Consumer Centric!!! In Heaven!

Back to the great days in Mysore, there was and there is still an organization called Mysore Grahaka Parishat with focus on consumerism. The MGP, as it is fondly called fights for the consumers and for that matter had even written against Art of Living on Churumuri, where apparently the great Sri Sri Sri’s NGO has been swallowing money in terms of service. I am usually lazy to write in about my experiences as a consumer, it has been long since I wrote either here or as a letter of experience to a local newspaper!

The very reason for this post is that, I am appalled by the services/ response from India’s premier online store, this time around. Previously I have shopped with Indiaplaza and have had decent shopping experiences, but at a critical time, I was their consumer bearing the burnt of lies and non-delivery! So here goes my story!

– 3rd of August – I was supposed to have the book Groundswell dispatched by Indiaplaza, but I still see the status as Being Processed. I patiently and politely raise a ticket

– Immediate response, we can ship it only by the 10th of August! Wow!!!! Well I almost gave up, but still trusted the site as it had the name India. And the link on my order still says the book will be dispatched by 3rd!

– Santosh or someone was the CSR mailing me, I raised another ticket to him asking weather my book was on time as 10th was the delivery date given earlier, until then, no communication from Indiaplaza! – He seeks an extension by another day and well, yes you guessed it right, August 11th, the book still did not arrive!

– I was deeply disappointed and dashed another ticket on 12th and phat – here is the respone – Dear Amar, We will ship the book on 16th Aug,We deeply regret for the delay in shipping the order, Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to you.

– Wow! on 13th I felt, I could order the book from another premium online bookstore which promised the delivery in two days and it did and well later on, I raised another ticket asking indiaplaza to put me across a lead so that I could escalate my complaint or pull back my order.

– With that if I was a CSR, I would have forwarded the issue to a lead and here in Indiaplaza, the person in charge, closes my ticket, replies back – This book is currently out of stock and has been cancelled. Wow and their site still read that the book is on stock on that day!

My question here was why the CSR made me wait over 15 days to communicate this message! Is this the consumer experience we are offered? And as I type this post, I still have not received a clue on the refund I was supposed to get on that book and their call centers seem to be eternally busy!

This is where I feel organizations like MGP have a role to play and we as consumers need to understand our rights and expect the retailers to adhere to our rights! I hope Indiaplaza will tune in to listen to the voice of their customer from now on at least.


About amarharish
Was working as a Consultant for Five Years. Moved on to pursue a Masters in Management at Great Lakes, Chennai. Interests include Hi Tech, Brands, Quizzing, Leadership to name a few!

5 Responses to Consumer Centric!!! In Heaven!

  1. Dear Sir,

    My sincere apologies for the experience you had with us. I request you to provide your order no / you contact details, so that I shall check this issue and sort out your concern upto your satisfaction. You can also mail me at and I shall do the needful.

    Once again my apologies.

    Warm regards,


    • amarharish says:

      @ Nirmal: I appreciate that you called back! I am still with you folks and will continue shopping this was probably a one off case of a bad customer experience.

  2. ChennaiCitizen says:

    Well would you stop buying there now?

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