Go Green!

I have had great respect for the NDTV network ever since, I understood what the news anchors spoke on Television. NDTV had been producing programmes on the Doordarshan when I was a kid, and well further on they now have their own 24/7 News channels. I respect them, as they appear to be impartial, unlike their closest competitors, who appear to align towards a single hierarchial political party and positively and honestly work towards a social cause!

NDTV has grown big and grown better, with experienced journos like Bharka Dutt, Prannoy Roy himself (I still remember his World Reporter or so on DD1), Nidhi Razdan, Siddarth (CnB fame), Vikram so on and so forth! The amazing stuffs that pop up on the Profit and 24/7 are a different league when compared to other news hungry and politically oriented channels. May be they are yet to catch up in the movie reviews arena (Ahem….)….!!!

Okay, the reason for this post was not to proclaim my love for NDTV, or praise its anchors, but drive a movement that probably was the national attention for the past 24 hours! All the NDTV channels had switched over a programme called ‘Greenathon 2’, an initiative from NDTV and Toyota to fight for a Greener environment. They 24 hours, the channel managed to get almost a near 4Crore INR mark, to light up villages, which they would do with TERI (RK Pachauri fame… Or more to do with their environmental quizzes on DD1). They have got enough money to light up 155 villages with Solar Lanterns! Amazing, at a time, when I have to wait for an interval with power to pen this down on my blog! Way to go….

The initiative has Priyanka Chopra as the lead PR and well the show was hosted by Priyanka, Cyrus (well hands down to his comic sense, I have always believed and stand by the fact that fat people have better comic sense ;)) and of course, dear Vikram Chandra. The event was well supported by almost the entire Bollywood and people from all walks of life. If we can light up some one’s life in a green way, who will say No! May be the other channels have to take a cue from this and stop airing the UP tours or providing the stats on the membership increase of a specific political party after a so-and-so heir toured the UP state! If the CJ show on a channel shows that there is no power, NDTV has the answer, they are giving you the power of Light and that too in a green way!

To be honest from yesterday evening, I have watched NDTV at least for 6 hours, Cyrus was too good in his humor and Priyanka was equally gorgeous ;)! The event had even Milind Soman and Rahul Bose run 100Kms for the cause…Cool!!! I hope the Greenathon does not stop at this effort and moves on towards other aspects such as conserving water, turning dusty lands to grasslands preventing soil erosion, etc etc… I am with this mission and to support, I have even changed my mobile ringtone to the NDTV Green Anthem. Hats off again…..


About amarharish
Was working as a Consultant for Five Years. Moved on to pursue a Masters in Management at Great Lakes, Chennai. Interests include Hi Tech, Brands, Quizzing, Leadership to name a few!

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