Why My IPod is back out!

It has been over a year since my best friends gifted me an I Pod Nano. Its been hardly half an year or so since I got to own another I Pod, of a smaller scale. Thanks to Vic and team.

Honestly, I have hardly used both of them as I always felt a din in my ears. But today, I have felt the necessity of taking both of ’em out. Courtesy: Too much sound pollution! My neighbor is learning to drive her car and every few minutes I hear the reverse horn beeping across the whole road! My goodness, I dont think even Adrian Sutil will practise so much for Force India! But I do appreciate her efforts to practise hoping that she can be a better driver on the road given the others I see around.

Coming back to the actual topic, I am tired of the honks on the Bangalore roads, the sound of the gushing wind, replaced by the zoom of a 200cc bike on the roads, the early morning chirping of the birds, replaced by a nosy kids chineese music making device which utters hindi moving songs, that would push any top music director to jump off the Bandra Worli Sea Link! Worst of all, my weekend journeys are no more sweet and smooth. Courtesy, the idiotic movies played on the Volvo services from KSRTC. On a record, I have watched Mungaru Male and Milana some over 20 times each. Add to that I see a set of people showcasing their newly acquired LoudSpeaker phone with the variety of FM channels ranging from Radio City to Fever, presuming they are on the crest and trough of the FM range of Bangalore.

Well to keep me away from all these stupid sounds, I have decided to take my own devices out, fill ’em up with sane music and plug them on to my ears. I am pretty much sure that they would be of use in office as well!!! 😉


About amarharish
Was working as a Consultant for Five Years. Moved on to pursue a Masters in Management at Great Lakes, Chennai. Interests include Hi Tech, Brands, Quizzing, Leadership to name a few!

One Response to Why My IPod is back out!

  1. dhanraj says:

    dude, use noise filtering ear-buds than the ear-piece that comes with ipod. its much better and doesn’t cause ear pain. Once you put them on not many things can disturb you.

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