Just Maath Maathalli….

After a break of over a month I hopped on to the theater to watch Kichcha Sudeep’s latest flick with ‘pakkadamane hudugi’, Ramya and established TV star Rajesh – Just Maath Maathalli. The movie is short and sweet and simply enjoyable. Before I go further, I feel its a must watch, just because its a pure entertainer and just flows without many hiccups.

The soothing music by namma Mysooru huduga Raghu Dixit is amazing, except for the fact that the Just Maath Maathalli jingle appears every few minutes in the movie which some may feel is crazy.

The movie for me, appears to be a mix of several stories, starting with Mungaru Male, where the hero does not get the heroine in the end (Is sudeep trying to prove that Rajesh is the new Diganth?). Sudeep was a rock star now led to depression in life (ala Rock On!). Sudeep and Ramya have scenes in the railway stations which look very familiar to the Jab We Met scenes. And finally the story being told over a flight from one person to another, which is already used in hundred’s of movies!

These does not mean that the movie is a flick! No way! Sudeep has really underscored that he can be thebest of both a director and an actor. A classy comic touch whenever required, witty narration, keep the movies rythm upbeat. The very fact that its just a two hour fifteen minute pure entertainer and wont drag on much like other movies, makes it score along with its pleasant ear friendly tracks.

Looks like searching for lost love, has become a common plot in most of the movies now a days. The directors need to think out of the box! But still, the movie rocks, as it is non-vulgar and the performance by Sudeep is way above the rest of the cast.

One clarification I still need from the JMM is team, is why the movie is called Just Maath Maathalli! Looks like the title has not many links to the story. Was it because the story was told in a flight over a casual talk? Was it because, Sudeep’s maathugalu led to lots of broken hearts? Was it because, the movies strength lies in its dialogue delivery? Not sure, may be I am not the best to answer these!


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