Chillare Manushyaru!

It sounds pretty wierd! But true. India probably mints the largest number of coins in the world and they vanish in thin air! I had a suffocating time today struggling for change. I usually use whatever coins or note I have when I have to spend and do expect the recieving end to be receptive and provide me back with the exact change in case I am out of change.

Today, on my journey back to Mysore, the conductor had run out of change and I virtually emptied my purse and gave him the exact amount for the ticket. Imagine two people of a 54 people bus are the only ones ready to shell out the change. The rest of the assholes are showing their glittering half yellow teeth ‘Change Illa’. I pitied the conductor and well myself as well later as I had just one ten rupee note left now!

Enroute to my home hopped into the Levis Sale hoping I can get some change if I buy something there. I was planning to augment my wardrobe. It turned out that the place had more people than clothes and I returned back to the road leading to my home, stopped by a petty shop, bought some biscuits for 30 bucks to get the change for 100! That too after I showed the shopkeeper I only had a tenner and a sodexho of ten! Whew… Now I can get into the rickshaw tomorrow morning without thinking about the change as I will more or less be in the same situation.

Its quite an Irony, as I once had someone return back 19.4£ in UK for a 60p purchase in Tesco when I gave an £20 note. They never haggled to give me change back there! I remember even using my credit card for 1£ purchase on a train! India, someday I hope will stop stockpiling everything. Ranging from food, coins, what not….


About amarharish
Was working as a Consultant for Five Years. Moved on to pursue a Masters in Management at Great Lakes, Chennai. Interests include Hi Tech, Brands, Quizzing, Leadership to name a few!

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