Crazy Weekend!

I still remember when a few friends called me up on Friday asking the plans for the weekend. Well, I had initiated a chain mail to go to Ram Gopal Vermas’s ‘Rann’ movie. I still do not know how many people are cursing me for not turning up! Aj for sure ditched everyone like me, so he won’t be. The rest of the pack I am sorry, I might still not be an ardent fan of Ramu kaaka to watch the innumerable movies he makes ;). Hopefully the next week either this or Just Maat Maatalli.

Back to the story, I had just got down at Mysore and was driving back home when mom announced that she wanted to seek divine intervention this week as we were finally able to find a place to stay in Kukke Subhramanya. It was a plan that was in place from the past one month, but I don’t really know whats up there nowadays, you dont find any place to stay even if your name is there on their temple register! Well I had said yes given that I wanted to drive on NH 48/ SH 88 and of course enjoy the scenary taking some snaps of the breathtaking views of the Shiradi Ghat Valley and Coorg Valley.

Both the plans were punchered and well, honestly, I appreciate that my dad stopped me from taking the car out. The roads (NH 48 – Bangalore – Mangalore and SH 88 – Bantwal – Mysore) are in a big mess at least for half their distance and may take another half year to get ready. Well, the trip was enough to get me back to my planning table of trips after six months. But before that here is a brief on the 18 hours I spend on road in the past 48 hours!

On dad’s advice I stuck to going by train to Hassan and then taking a bus to Subhramanya via Shiradi Ghat, and true, the train to Hassan itself provides some breathtaking views. I am planning to visit Sagarkatte, a place in Mysore district by car. The train almost tavels over 3-4 kms over water with breathtaking views of the KRS backwaters. Its an amazing place for photography and bliss. Next up on the list is definitely a place called Mandagere, on way to Hassan by train. This village in Mandya district probably sells the best Idly’s to eat!!! Then on, once we reached Hassan, took a KSRTC bus (I surely missed the Airavat’s here) to Shiradi Ghat checkpost called Gundiya. The beauty of the nature outside was totally in contrast with the road outside. NH 48 is in dire straits and at this point I appreciated all the people who travel to Mangalore and sorroundings over the weekend by this road for their bravery and prayed for their backs. Amidst the lush green environs, we finally reached Gundiya and then hopped on to another bus to reach Kukke Subramanya where we had finally found a room to stay with one of my dad’s contacts!

Rest, is the usual kuladevate temple visit etc… which would probably come on to my mom’s blog, if she starts one. The highlight of the evening being that I was blessed by the temple ‘Elephant’ and my mom missed taking a photo on the occasion leaving me fuming! Well the rest of the time, I spent searching for river water which was very common here and to my shock, every water body was running almost DRY! They had built several barrages/ checkdams for electricity that almost took away the nature’s beauty. I spent the rest of the evening running around and trying to watch a ‘Yakshagana’ in the outskirts of the village.

This morning, we started off back to Mysore and I wanted to try a different route! This was a part of my counter argument with dad that I could have taken the car at least in a different route – the SH 88 via Madikere and Sullia. Well he proved to be right again, this road was as hopeless as the other at least for half the journey. For the rest it was comparable to any motorway! Again, I pity anyone who is trying to go to Mangalore through any of these highways over the weekend. I still pray for your back ;). The scenary was good here, but the asphalt and the dust with the road repair works going on make it a bad dream in the heaven. By the time you reach Coorg, you may end up in a Bone Setting hospital than a Spa or a Resort in the sorroundings! Well it was an ardurous seven hour journey and now I am back home, looking forward to take the normal bus tomorrow morning to Bangalore. Hope my dad will be happy reading this as I am not taking the car there on his advice as well ;).

But after the next six months, I will definitely want to tour the Cauvery and Hemavathy backwaters in Hassan/ Mysore and Mandya districts which seriously seem underexplored to me. Given a choice, they would definitely be a weekend getaway even before that as they are not connected by both the highways I talked about!


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Was working as a Consultant for Five Years. Moved on to pursue a Masters in Management at Great Lakes, Chennai. Interests include Hi Tech, Brands, Quizzing, Leadership to name a few!

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