Aal is Well

There could be no other better title for the review of the best movie I have so far seen this year. Of course this would be my last movie for this year as well. All is Well, as the jingle in the movie goes, it perfectly echoes with the track of the movie. It was definitely worth watching this movie the First Day First Show, of course, missing the 3rd idiot on our list (Sorry Abhi, we could not wait for the new year for u to come to Mysore).

The movie, touches the flaws in the Indian Education System pretty well and emphasises more on the necessity of value based education and innovation more than scoring based and rank based education. The movie starts off taking a dig at parents forcing children to do what they want, rather than supporting what the children aspired to do. It traverses through the miseries of end of the list-ers and the problems they face and the ragging in college, troubled by a cranky dean who runs around with a pegion and its eggs in the hand.

Meanwhile our hero, does all his maniac tricks, irritates the pegion handed fellow and still manages to top the college, ahead of a well portayed Madrasi titled – Chatur Ramalingam. However there is a twist in the tale, our hero – Aamir is impersonating someone in the college! Waah! Out to prove how sane our education system is and how secure it is, though not explicitly stated in the movie.

The heroine, if I may mention so, has a very short screenspace, may be one of the reasons for the movie to be a big hit ;). There are funny sequences typical to any Raju Hirani film and may tickle you to laughter every few minutes. Of course, there are emotional scenes about friendship and honesty as well. All in all, its an amazing package to watch out for and has every potential to be the blockbuster of the year not just because of the story, because of the new marketing strategies, the cast, the twists in the story and plain and simple screenplay. The movie stresses on the need of innovation in education and thought and is probably a must for every self-proclaimed educationist of the country. The movie also has amazing names for its character Viru Sahastrabuddi (VIRUS) – the nutty dean played by Boman Irani, Rancho (Ranchoddas Shyamaldas* Chanchad *Corrected) – Aamir khan, <something that I cannot remember, a very creepy name like Phunsuk Wangdu> – Aamir’s real name, Chatur – the mugpot of the class. The movie carries a few negatives as well, but they can easily be forgotten. There is a pregnancy in floods scene, which must have been a passing thought from the flop – ‘Tum Mile’, which was completely un-necessary and drags on a little bit.

I hope Mr Sibal, our current HRD minister will have a look at this amazing movie and re-think of the education system, the enterance exams etc etc…. They definitely need a re-think and honestly I am not using one tenth of what I learnt in my engineering in my stream of work!

I look forward for a sequel to this movie on the lines of the bad working system in India as well :). We work without innovations and crave to be – Chatur Ramalingams. One last statement, the movie only has slight resemblence to the orginial book, ‘the 5 point someone’, there is now way that its more than 5% of that book and thats the reason its turned out to be a masterpiece unlike the other book which turned out to be disconnected as soon as bollywood called to say ‘Hello!’.


About amarharish
Was working as a Consultant for Five Years. Moved on to pursue a Masters in Management at Great Lakes, Chennai. Interests include Hi Tech, Brands, Quizzing, Leadership to name a few!

2 Responses to Aal is Well

  1. dhanraj says:

    one of your movie reviews i didn’t get bored of reading. 😉
    watched the movie couple of days back… enjoyed it with all its bada bada ‘chamatkar’.. i liked the camera work..i would love to go see ladakh soon.

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