Movies… Masti… Magic

You might be wrong, if you think I am endorsing any of the movie channels which have the tagline! Honestly this is what I have done for the past one week. It has been a journey which started with the world two years down the lane and ending with the world over hundred and fifty years away, in between, visiting my present world.

No, I have not invented any time machine, but have just seen three movies depicting the future and the present :). Last Saturday, I had been to 2012, a movie about the world coming to a standstill in the year mentioned. The movie impressed me with the graphics of course forgetting the rest. For all unknown reasons only Africa remained above sea level after the mass deluge of 2012 in the movie… Aaah… the directors may be contemplating with the idea of running for the US prez elections in 2012 and of course, now with case studies from my own country, they may have thought of it being easier to divide and win votes than unite and win! Anyway apart from my prophecies, the movie was a good one and was worth spending the two odd hours in the theater.

Mid-week, with a few of my colleagues and an ex-colleague, popped into the much unhyped – Rocket Singh, salesman of the year. It brought me back from the fantasies of the 2012 deluge back to earth, to figure out where really I am. The movie based around a character named Harpreet Singh, who beats all odds and proves that honesty can take you a step ahead of everyone and of course underlining the fact that your sense of achievement is glorified within yourself only if you have your own firm! Well a must see for today’s managers to show what honesty is all about and probably its well explained through the character of a simple salesman. Of course I strongly believe the movie may have got the job of a salesman back into the reckoning after a long time. May be my mom wont shout at ’em if they start banging our gate every m0rning after seeing this movie. (Note that my laziness to open the door might push my mom to do this :))

Today, well I was out of this world! 2154 AD, the Avatar movie descended me on to the planet of ‘Pandora’. An amazing display of today’s technology. The movie has no story line, if you ask me its about two aliens snogging in woods. But that does not matter. The movie revolves against the US army trying to take over a planet – Pandora for its exclusive minerals. They end up on the losing side again, with good winning over evil. The Avatar (another Sanskrit word stolen), is an amazing display of graphics and something that probably is beyond anyone’s dream. James Cameron like his earlier movies, portrays the fact that its always men over machines and humanity over insanity, but of course makes us travel light years away this time. No point in wiring about this, its a MUST WATCH for anyone and has rekindled my thoughts of the world beyond the earth!

Moral of Avatar: No point in doing case study documents. No one ever reads it! Imagine if someone had read about the Iraq/ Afghan war, I doubt if they would have tried to attack the Pandora ;).

What best the technology can do – The Avatar Movie. What worst – Well watch the movie!

Anyway all the three movies cumulatively say that reactive decisions take you towards destruction. Its better to leave things as it is or improve progressively and positively in honest means not using the rogue methods! Hope all realise!

As I look forward for the christmas release next week with the much hyped 3 Idiots *ing Amir Khan and Amar Harish 🙂 Yeah see the attached photo! , wish you all a Merry Christmas!


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Was working as a Consultant for Five Years. Moved on to pursue a Masters in Management at Great Lakes, Chennai. Interests include Hi Tech, Brands, Quizzing, Leadership to name a few!

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