Aamhi Maraathe!

Sachin, just had to say this in a press conference. Unluckily he said, I am an Indian and attracted the ire of the Shiv Sena Supremo, Balasaheb Thackarey! How unlucky is an Indian to call himself an Indian last and identify himself with the state first. I have never seen such divisions earlier in India. The past two years have been extremely horrific in terms of regionalism and the virus has spread to the backbone of the Indian populace.

Shiva Sena, meanwhile has lost its significance and I persently feel that the units in other parts of India minus Maharashtra, must rename themselves or merge with other like minded outfits. Otherwise, days are not far, when every state would want to speak Marathi!

Its an immature statement by ShivaSena today to ridicule Sachin, who is a brand ambassador for the nation like this. I hope they will be more tolerant in the future and issue an apology before things turn out to be more saucy. In addition to this, continuing with my statements in the previous blog, not even one single person in Karnataka has questioned Dravid of being a non-kannadiga :). Well kudos to the state. Its way ahead of others!

PS: I am not promoting any regionalism here by highligting Kannada. Its just that I am observing too much of regionalism in other states. Minus the current political mayhem, Karnataka seems to be a decent place to live in!


About amarharish
Was working as a Consultant for Five Years. Moved on to pursue a Masters in Management at Great Lakes, Chennai. Interests include Hi Tech, Brands, Quizzing, Leadership to name a few!

4 Responses to Aamhi Maraathe!

  1. Vivek Juneja says:

    Completely in sync with your views Amar. But the fire started by MNS / Shiv Sena can easily spread to other states. There are abundant number of such pro-state groups in different parts of the country, Karnataka as well. This fire may inspire them to take the same steps.
    We got to be vocal about this as early as possible, and curb the source of this problem as early as possible.
    When we all Indians cannot be ONE in ourselves, how can we even think about fighting the enemies (terrorism) from outside.
    We shout out loud when Indians get beaten up in Aussie land, but do we really get so hyped up when every other day these pro-Language/State groups attack other communities in our own Country.

  2. amarharish says:

    @Vivek: Thanks dude, I am pretty much sure I am not alone on this bank of the river that divides our nation.

  3. Bloody Nehru who created the states on linguistic basis – the root cause of all the problems. Don’t understand as to why people didn’t protest Nehru’s decision.

    • amarharish says:

      @Srinand: I believe Language was a unification factor then. I think Hindi got people together and identifying them as a part of a multilingual culture made our ancestors – ‘Indians’. I am not a big fan of Nehru either, he has contributed to India’s caste politics to a large extent. But of course, I respect the ideas of Sardar Patel etc… during unification and they may have used multiple languages as a binding factor. Did they ever know someone would oppose it today?

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