Hindi Hai Hum!

Raj Thackarey and his Maharastra NavNirman Sena, have created a ruckus in the Maharashtra Assembly. All this just over a language. One of the state’s MLA took an oath in Hindi and the MNS MLAs ransacked the entire hall in front of all the Television Cameras.

I think its time for them/ the DMK, which feels you must know tamil to be eternal, to slow down and see why a lot is being stressed on Hindi. Hindi is taught in almost all the states across the country minus TN and Kerala as far as I know. It is tought to make an irrational crowd accept Tamil or Marathi as their National Language or learn it. But given the popularity, history and similarities to many other languages, Hindi is largely spoken and in fact can serve as a Unification Factor across our entire Nation as the Central Government insists.

Karnataka has been a rather peaceful state and more tolerant towards its languages. Even though I am a staunch supporter of Kannada, I am pretty much sure, that across the state no organization would ever or will even think of bashing up non Kannada speaking people like the MNS does. Karnataka also supports some 6-7 dialects that I know of and equally supports those languages to develop as well. What has been insisted is that Kannada and its culture must not be forgotten and organizations like the Karnataka Rakshana Vedike and Co are upto the mark and ensure that the interests for Kannada are well maintained and never turn rogue unless severly provoked. Something that MNS needs to learn from.

Also, what the DMK and MNS must see is the benifit that their citizens are having. I have seen loads of people from TN come to Karnataka and struggle to speak any other language making their survival tough. Whereas people who come from elsewhere easily adjust as the cosmopolitan state has a multilingual person probably at the highest density.

Anyways, the issue over the languages can definitely not be doused for now and is most probably going to reach its peak shortly. I attribute this trouble to those who re-organized the states on a linguistic basis. Most probably, if they had ensured that the current states had a minor spread into each of its neighbors or vice versa, I think the current problem may have not arised at all. We would have had all multicultural and multilingual states. For now, that shall remain a dream and just hope for the good as I go back to bed listening to some French CD’s.


About amarharish
Was working as a Consultant for Five Years. Moved on to pursue a Masters in Management at Great Lakes, Chennai. Interests include Hi Tech, Brands, Quizzing, Leadership to name a few!

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