Mysooru Dussera

The government after such a long wait has finally announced something on Mysore Dussera! Its barely a month and the city if you ask me is in tatters! There is a pothole every 10 mts and JnNURM has made a big ditch every 100mts! So this Dussera do not expect the Royal city to have the same Royal splendor. Just may be a sophisticated transport system is in the offing.

The website for Dussera has been spruced up. I am pretty much sure that Excel Soft will start improvising it by the D Day. The first set of programs have been announced as well.  Below is the information if anyone is interested:

The ones in blue are the ones to look out for :

Sept 19- R K Padmanabhan- Carnatic music concert

Sept 20- Ustad Ali Ahmed Hussain – Shehnai Concert

Sept 21- Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia- Flute concert/ Jagjit Singh – Ghazal

Sept 22- IAFs Air Warrior-symphony/ Shankar Shanabagh – Kavya Sangeetha

Sept 23- Balamuralikrishna -Carnatic music concert

Sept 24- M M Keeravani- Hindustani music concert

Sept 25- Shubha Mudgal and Bombay Jayashri- Hindustani jugalbandi

Sept 26- Nalini and Kamalini-Kathak

Sept 27- Shubha Dhananjaya- Ballet



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